Dancing in the rain.

June 5, 2017 - The beginning of a new season!

I started Faithful Scents when I lived in Texas and had the beautiful blessing of being a stay at home wife and full time small business owner. Those were the best days. I had finally found myself. I was exactly where I was supposed to be. Or so I thought...

For the past 2 years, life has been hard. Somehow I was forced on a roller coaster ride that I did NOT ask for. But, sometimes life throws those rides at you and you have no other choice but to put your safety belt on, close your eyes, and wait for the ride to be over. That ride, has finally ended for me!


A quick back story so y'all can understand the 'why' in the roller coaster!

In 2014 my husband made the decision not to re-enlist in the Army after 4 years, which meant we needed to set ourselves up to move back to California and financially be able to live! (Once your military contract ends, that is the end of any financial compensation and health benefits stop immediately.) January 2015 I moved back to California and in with my mom as I had accepted a full time job to have once Paul was out of the Army. I packed up my car with clothes, shoes, beauty supplies and candle business and drove from Texas to California. July 2015, Paul said goodbye to the Army, handled our house being packed up and made the drive himself to California. 


Since March of 2012, life was constantly changing. New life as an Army family, to a deployment, to moving to Texas, to moving back to California, to moving in to 3 houses in 2 years in California. Change....constant change. Something I absolutely hated all of my life, was change. 

We are finally settled in our new home, I recently quit my day job, my husband is in his career, life finally feels steady! While I understand life will always have its ups and downs, the constant up and down was exhausting. Trying to find joy in the midst of a storm is hard, especially when it isn't a storm that passes quickly. 

Looking back, I realize I did my best to dance in the rain as the storm stuck around longer than ever imagined. The rain has subsided, and the sun has started to shine. Sometimes God's blessings are beautifully messy. Where He has me right now, is actually better than I could have ever planned.


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  • Deb Drinkard

    Such a inspirational & blessed story… thank you for the share. It helped me to understand some of my storms & were the blessings are coming along in certain aspects. Loving the lord Jesus is the answer!

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